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Waterfront Community
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37 "Live to Work" Units
169,000 Square Feet Commercial/Retail

Taken from the local Newspaper "The Ventura County Star" on January 30, 2003.

City says Seabridge can proceed Coastal development permit wins approval

By Raul Hernandez, January 30, 2003

The last phase of Mandalay Bay construction, including 708 housing units and 169,000 square feet of commercial space, should break ground late this summer after winning City Council approval this week, developers say.

Bill Wynne, a partner in Oly-Mandalay Bay General Partnership of Oxnard, said the 135-acre Seabridge development will feature 35 acres of waterways and 16 acres of parks and waterfront trails.

Wynne said the project should be completed within five years. The cost of the residential units, including homes, townhouses and condominiums, will range from $335,000 to more than $1 million, he said.

Developers say 56 percent of the site will remain as open space for public and private recreational use.

Seabridge's environmental impact report, which explored issues such as traffic, water quality, noise and air pollution, was approved about a year ago.

On Tuesday night, the Oxnard City Council unanimously approved a coastal development permit and subdivision map for the project, at Wooley Road and Victoria Avenue. The Seabridge development will complete the 220-acre Mandalay Bay Specific Plan.

"I think they've done an excellent job of trying to mitigate everything," Councilman Dean Maulhardt said Tuesday. "The whole project will be an asset to the area."

Supporters of the project, including local union officials, applauded after the council's approval. Others, however, voiced concerns about plans to dig up tons of soil to create the new waterways, and about the high levels of bacteria that can appear in stagnant waters.

"Our concern is that there will be contamination problems like those at Kiddie Beach" in Oxnard, Damon Wing, programs director for the Ventura CoastKeeper environmental group, told the council.

Boat congestion on waterways and increased traffic on Victoria Avenue were other concerns.

Wynne said the project's park area will include a shallow body of water for recreation, but it will have good circulation, unlike Kiddie Beach. Seabridge also will have an extensive water-quality program, including storm drains with filters to keep out oil and other pollutants, Wynne said.

Seabridge will sit next to a 58.3-acre Westport housing and commercial development being built south of Wooley Road near Harbor Boulevard by SunCal Co. of Chatsworth.

SunCal is building 306 housing units and digging up 14.9 acres to expand Mandalay Bay inland waterways


Taken from the local Newspaper "The Ventura County Star" on January 27, 2003.

Oxnard council to consider OK for developments Seabridge proposal includes housing, commercial projects

By Raul Hernandez, January 27, 2003

The Oxnard City Council on Tuesday will consider approving the Seabridge development, the last major residential-commercial project of the 220-acre Mandalay Bay Specific Plan.

"That builds out the specific plan area," said Marilyn Miller, the city's planning and environmental services manager.

The proposal for the project, off Victoria Avenue and near the ocean, is to have a new marina with nearly 500 boat slips and 708 dwellings, including town houses and condominiums.

Housing units will have price tags ranging from $335,000 to more than $1 million, developer Bill Wynne said.

The plan also calls for 16 acres of parks and waterfront trails and 35 acres of waterways, Wynne said.

Wynne, a partner with Oly-Mandalay Bay General Partnership of Oxnard, said it will be a beautiful community and a recreation gem for the city.

The project, which has a price tag of more than $100 million, will also include 190,000 square feet of commercial space.

Also on Tuesday, the council will consider approval of a coastal development permit and a subdivision map for the 135-acre Seabridge project, which will be located at Wooley Road and Victoria Avenue at Mandalay Bay in Oxnard.

Seabridge would be next to a 58.3-acre housing and commercial development under construction by SunCal Co. of Chatsworth in an area south of Wooley Road near Harbor Boulevard.

As part of its project, SunCal is digging up 14.9 acres to expand the Mandalay Bay inland waterway and build 306 dwellings.

Wynne said Seabridge's environmental impact report was approved about a year ago.

"We've done all the mitigations required there," he said.

Some residents such as Lee Quaintance, a member of the Beacon Foundation, aren't happy with the project.

He said Seabridge will add two new "kiddie beaches" to Channel Islands Harbor as the county spends $1.5 million to continue studying potential causes of and lingering pollution problems at Kiddie and Hobie beaches at the harbor.

"It defies common sense," Quaintance said.

He said the developers haven't done adequate analyses and tests to measure the levels of bacteria stagnate water can cause.

Wynne said there are no plans to add any kiddie beaches at Seabridge. He said Kiddie Beach is at the opposite end of the harbor, and there have been numerous water-quality tests conducted between Kiddie Beach and the proposed Seabridge site.

"We are funding an ongoing water-quality program," which will test the water every 30 days or as needed by city engineers, Wynne said.

Although computer-model simulations indicate water circulation won't be a problem, four emergency pumps will be installed if there are any problems with the smooth flow of water, Wynne said.

"All tests show that they won't be needed," he said.

Wynne said the developer agreed to use boats to do surface skimming and debris removal, which, he said, will benefit all waterways north of Channel Islands Boulevard.

Also, he said, storm drains will have state-of-the-art filtration systems that will keep oil and other pollutants out of the water.

Developers plan to widen Victoria Avenue to six lanes from Hemlock to Fifth streets; install a traffic signal at Victoria and Ketch avenues; widen Hemlock; and add a left-turn lane on Hemlock for southbound traffic on Victoria.

"The project is designed where you can park your car and walk," he said.


Plan for more Mandalay Bay homes in works

Taken from the local Newspaper "The Ventura County Star" on Feb 19,2002

Draft EIR to be considered in March 2002

By Raul Hernandez, Staff writer

A developer wants to build a new marina with 247 boat slips and more than 700 housing units at Wooley Road and Victoria Avenue at Mandalay Bay in Oxnard. The banks of the channels would accommodate boats up to 50 feet in length, according to an environmental impact report.

A total of 748 residential units is planned for this project, with many to be located on an artificial island, said Bill Wynne, a partner with Oly-Mandalay Bay General Partnership, on Monday.

He said he would like construction to begin on the Seabridge project later this year.

The project would have mixed-use development with 167,000 square feet of commercial space, Wynne said.

Marilyn Miller, Oxnard's planning and environmental services manager, said some apartments also would be built on top of retail stores and offices to allow those who work there to rent the units.

A draft of the thick environmental impact report on the 135-acre project is expected to go to the Oxnard Planning Commission on March 7. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at 7 p.m. in City Council chambers, 305 W. Third St. The hearing will also be televised on Channel 17 on Jones Intercable of Oxnard.

"A shallow bay will be created in the northeastern portion of the project for activities such as wading, swimming, wind surfing or paddleboats," the report notes. Wynne said his project includes 17 acres of parks and three bridges that would lead to the island. One of the bridges would be strictly for pedestrian traffic, he said, but it could be used for emergency vehicles.

"There will be four miles of walking and biking trails, all next to the water," Wynne said.

Lynn Krieger, director of the county Harbor Department, said she has concerns about this project.

In a letter to the city dated Oct. 8, Krieger listed environmental issues she wants the developer to address, including water quality, the increase in boat traffic, and the possible intrusion of seawater into the Oxnard aquifer.

"Our concerns stand until they are addressed," she said.

While many of those concerns are "well-founded," Wynne said, he is confident that the environmental issues raised by Krieger and other agencies can be resolved.

Wynne said he expects to be able to mitigate these concerns and has met with Krieger and other agencies to discuss the project.

Other agencies that responded to the environmental report with concerns include the following:

California Department of Transportation states a traffic study will be needed to determine the project's overall impact on highways 1 and 101.

The county's Agricultural Commissioner's Office wants to know the crop yield and value of the land that would be taken out of agricultural use.

The county's Resource Management Agency states that Environmental Health Division records indicate that this project might be located on or near a closed, illegal or abandoned solid waste disposal site. The work must cease and the Health Division must be notified if this is true.

The county's Air Pollution District wants screening analysis of intersections to determine whether they could be potential carbon monoxide hot spots. The proposed project would be next to SunCal Co's 58.3-acre development.

SunCal of Chatsworth is digging up 14.9 acres to expand the Mandalay Bay inland waterway canal and build its development. The residential housing and 22,000-square-foot commercial project is going to be built on 58.3 acres south of Wooley Road near Harbor Boulevard.

Michael Walline, project manager with SunCal, said the proposed new Westport project would about the eastern border of SunCal's plan.

Walline expects the new canals to be finished in 12 to 14 months.

SunCal is going to build 34 duplexes, 88 condominiums, 88 townhouses, and 96 single-family housing units south of Wooley Road and near Harbor Boulevard, Walline said.

He said in two or three years SunCal's housing units will be completed.

Walline said SunCal's development will be linked to the new project through the waterway.

Wynne said Seabridge, Westport, and the Harbor Island condominiums, which have already been build, constitute the last phases of development of the Mandalay Bay Specific Plan.

-- Raul Hernandez's e-mail address is

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Water Q

Project Proponent: Oly-Mandalay Bay General Partnership

Agent: Moffatt & Nichol Engineers

Project Name: Seabridge at Channel Islands Harbor (Tract 5266)

Receiving Water: Channel Island Harbor and Pacific Ocean

City/County: Oxnard/ Ventura

Project Status: pending review

Comment Period: 2/22/2002 to 3/15/2002

Project Description: The purpose of the proposed project is to implement the remainder of the mixed-use development for the Mandalay Specific Plan and elements of the City of Oxnard Coastal Land Use Plan. The proposed project site is 135.3 acres, which encompasses (34.7 acres) commercial spaces, (274 units) single-family and (42 attached units) multi-family residential units, (316 units) mixed-use areas, and (32.3 acres) open water space. The 32.3 acres of open water space includes 8.1 acres shallow bay. The proposed project will also connect two existing channels south of the development site (Hemlock channel and Marina East Channel) and propose channel improvements to Main Channel in Tract 5196. The channels will be constructed dry and on phases. Levees will be used to hold back the water during construction and removed after each phase is complete. The marina channels banks will be either concrete seawall or reveted slopes depending on location within the development. The proposed impacts of the proposed project will be to non-wetland waters (Ocean/bay/estuary) less than 1.0. The proposed mitigation for this impact will be to prevent excess turbidity in existing channels with silt screens.

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