Mobile Homes in Ventura County for Sale

Mobile Homes For Sale in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo Port Hueneme and elsewhere in Ventura County, California. Inorder to help the buyer of a Mobile or Manufactured Home in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo and other Ventura County city cities I have placed information on this website ( that will be useful to the Seller and the Buyer.

For many People a Mobile Home or Manufactured Home can be the ideal home!

On the surface mobile homes would seem to be a low-cost alternative to the high cost of housing in the Ventura County area. On the one hand that's true. When you consider that you can purchase a 1,200 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home that's only 2 years old for 87,000. Where else can you get that kind of living for under 100K in the Ventura County area?

However, on the other hand the space rent for the above home is 480. In order to allow you to live there, one of the local parks requires that you qualify by having a monthly income 4 times your "housing costs" plus 100. So if your space rent is 480, and you're paying 620 in mortgage payments, and another 100 in insurance and utilities . . . you'd have to have income of 4,900 a month or 58,800 per year!. . . If you're going to pay all cash for the home you would still need an income of 2420 a month or 29,040 per year!

Also most parks require future Mobile Home owners to be accepted by the park management. Some of the factors in acceptance may include:
  • Owner-occupied units only
  • No rentals
  • No parents buying for children
  • No children buying for parents
  • Good credit
  • No bankruptcy, ever
  • Income requirements
Not all parks are this demanding. The over 55 parks seem to be more realistic. Lemonwood Mobile Home Park requires income of only 3 times the space rent.

Mobile homes seem to work best when you can purchase them for cash, or mostly cash. You can borrow on mobiles but the interest rates are often more than double the rates for a conventional loan, and the loan must be paid off in 15 years. Lenders will not lend on older (usually less expensive) mobile homes.

Mobile or Manufactured: What's The Difference?
"Manufactured Home" The manufactured home is constructed to comply with the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, a uniform building standard administered and enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD Code). Over 97 percent of all homes constructed in California factories meet this code.

"Factory-Built Homes" Often called "modular" homes, factor-built homes are constructed to comply with the California Administrative Code. About three percent of all factory homes produced in California meet this code.

"Mobilehomes". These homes were constructed to comply with standards enforced by the State of California prior to June 15, 1976. when the federal preemptive HUD Code became effective. Mobile homes have not been constructed since this date."
Source:California Manufactured Housing Institute

Financing a Mobile Home

Not all banks and lenders will make loans on mobile homes.
Here are a few lenders that do work with mobile / manufactured home buyers.

A. Michelle Rupiper, Loan Officer, Aaron Financial Services (800) 768-1616 Extension 203 -- (901) 312-9272 Direct Line " I finance homes in parks and communities on leased or rented land. I can work with as little as 5% down in many cases!" (Added 12/1/06)

Dave Shanklin, Investor's Trust / Ukiah Valley Mortgage [1974 or newer will do only 10% down, "rates generally 9-11%] 800-750-6210, ext. 122]

Home Savings - Darleen Lucero [Manufactured homes only]

Community West Bank - Clay Dickens 805-681-3366 Feb 18,2005 - Clay Dickens Wrote: Good morning David, I appreciate being added to your list of lenders. Here are a few key items that might be of interest. At Community West Bank. We do not care about age of unit. We can do interest only loans. We can do fixed rate loans up to 20 years fully amortized. We can do a 30 year fixed rate loan with a balloon at end of 10 years. We have stated income programs.

Ann Marie Harmony , Personal Loan Officer 619 546-5700 fax: 619-270-9855, Email
Dec 18,2005 - Ann Marie Harmony Wrote: I am an experienced, skilled factory-built loan specialist in manufactured, modular and mobile homes on owned, rented or leased land. Customers will receive honest, informative answers and valuable onestop shopping. Through my personally established, quality financial networks, I offer the most investors and programs. Please keep me in mind if you need financing for inpark, home/land, construction to perm, stickbuild homes, or business and commercial projects.

CRM Funding - Tom Ramey 805-656-6141

US Financial - Matt or Diana 805-658-0120

Murphy Bank (Fresno) - Richard 559-225-0318

(If You make Mobile Homes Loans and want to be on this list please Call / email )

Loans are usually only made for 15 years on mobile homes, and only on homes built after 1976. The interest rate on mobile homes is generally significantly higher than on real property (condos or houses).

Your credit score and the amount of your down payment will influence the interest rate. The more you can put down the better. Not only will your lower your interest rate, but you'll have a better chance of qualifying with the park.

List of Mobile Home Parks
Ventura Mobile Home Parks
    Family Mobile Home Parks
    Arroyo Mobile Home Park 9097 N Ventura Ave Ventura CA 93001
    Avenue Trailer Town 251 N Ventura Ave Ventura CA 93001
    Bell Way Trailer Park 29 Bell Way Ventura CA 93001
    Buena Trailer Villa 3975 Telegraph Rd Ventura CA 93003
    Casitas Springs Mobile Home Park 8951 Nye Rd Ventura CA 93001
    Imperial Ventura #200 5067 Thille Ventura CA 93001
    Imperial Ventura Mobile Estates North #100 5065 Telephone Road Ventura CA 93003
    Imperial Ventura Mobile Estates South #100 5065 Telephone Rd Ventura CA 93003 - Space rent 325+ Total outlay for housing must not exceed 25% of income - Park manager: (805) 642-1196

    Los Encinos - 4132 N Ventura Ave Ventura CA 93009 - Park manager: (805) 653-5757.

    Magnolia Mobile Home Park 4197 N Ventura Ave Ventura CA 93001 - Space rents 400+ Park manager: (805)643-4984.

    Ramona Trailer Park 375 W Ramona St Ventura CA 93001 - Park Manager: (805) 643-7178

    Sea-Esta Village 3900 E Main St Ventura CA 93003
    Star Dust Mobile Estates 11100 Telegraph Rd Ventura CA 93004 Space rent 325+ Park manager: (805) 647-4901

    Ventura Country Estates Ventura CA 93004

    Over 55 Mobile Home Parks in Green
    Buenaventura Mobile Home Estates 11405 Darling Rd Ventura CA 93004 - 1 person 55+ - Space rent approx. 340+ Park manager: (805) 647-4175.

    Country Estates 10685 Blackburn Rd Ventura CA 93004 - 1 person 55+ - Space rent approx. 325+ Mobiles with land share approx. 100. Income requirement 3 times housing costs (space rent and mortgage). Park manager: (805) 659-4750.

    La Posada Mobile Home Park 4499 Copland Dr Ventura CA 93003 - both 55+ - Space rent approx. 325+ Park manager: (805) 644-1234.

    Lemon Wood Mobile Home Park 850 Johnson Dr. Ventura CA 93003 - 1 person 55+ - Space rent 450-585+ Income requirement 3 times space rent. Park manager: (805) 642-3810.

    Patrician Mobile Home Park The 4700 Aurora Dr Ventura CA 93003 - 1 person 55+ - Space rent 570+ Park manager: (805) 642-1011.

    Poinsettia Gardens 11370 Darling Rd Ventura CA 93004- 1 person 55+ - Space rent 110+ Own the land on some. Park manager: (805) 647-8404

    Rancho Ventura 1220 Johnson Dr Ventura CA 93003 - 1 person 55+ - Space rent 400+ Modular home, own the land.

    Ventura Marina Mobile Home Park 1215 Anchors Way Dr Ventura CA 93001 - 1 person 55+ - Space rent 400+

Oxnard Mobile Home Parks
    Colony Mobile Home Park The 2400 E Pleasant Valley Rd Oxnard CA 93033 - Family park - Rents 450+ Park manager: (805)488-8816

    Country Club Mobile Estates 3700 Olds Rd Oxnard CA 93033
    Country Squire Mobile Home Park 2631 E Ventura Blvd Oxnard CA 93030
    Cypress Trailer Park 5573 Cypress Rd Oxnard CA 93033
    Evergreen R V Park 2135 N Oxnard Blvd Oxnard CA 93030
    Glenn View Mobile Home Park 3580 Pac Cst Hwy Oxnard CA 93033
    Hollywood Beach Mobile Home Park 4501 W Channel Islands Blvd Oxnard CA 93035
    Imperial Oxnard Mobile Est 4010 Saviers Rd Oxnard CA 93033
    Kona Kai Mobile Home 1853 Ives Ave Oxnard CA 93033 0 Meadow Lake Oxnard CA 93030
    Meadowlake Mobile Home Country Club 2475 Apple Ln Oxnard CA 93030 family park Rents 680+ Park manager: (805)485-0114.

    Navalair Mobile Home Court 4456 Naval Air Rd Oxnard CA 93033
    Ocean-Aire Mobile Home Estates 2250 Butler Rd Oxnard CA 93033
    Oxnard Mobile Home Lodge 1301 Commercial Ave Oxnard CA 93030 Rents 250+ Park manager: (805)486-8872.

    Oxnard Pacific Mobile Est 4130 Maulhardt Rd Oxnard CA 93033
    Oxnard Shores Mobile Home Park 5540 W 5th St Oxnard CA 93035
    Pleasant Valley 250 E Pleasant Valley Oxnard CA 93033
    Royal Duke Mobile Estates 1301 E Ventura Oxnard CA 93030
    Royal Palms Mobile Home Com 205 Driffill Blvd Oxnard CA 93030
    Sunny Acres Mobile Home Park 2177 E Pleasant Valley Rd Oxnard CA 93033
    Valley Trailer Villa 2371 E Ventura Blvd Oxnard CA 93030
    Villa Capri Mobile Estates 1300 E Pleasant Valley Rd Oxnard CA 93033
    Wagon Wheel Trailer Lodge 2851 Wagon Wheel Rd Oxnard CA 93030 Family park Rents 300+ Park manager: (805)485-2615.

Port Hueneme Mobile Home Parks
    Coral Sea Cove 3600 Ocean Ct Port Hueneme CA 93041
    Piru Trailer Court 3863 Center Port Hueneme CA 93041

Ojai Mobile Home Parks
    Casa del Norte 4388 Central Ave - West end of Camarillo - 55+ park. Rents around $500 & up. Park manager: (805)485-5556.

    Country Village Mobile Home Park 11195 N Ventura Ave Ojai CA 93023
    El Sereno Estates 1225 S Rice Rd Ojai CA 93023
    Golden Oaks Mobile Estates 1273 S Rice Rd Ojai CA 93023
    Meiners Oaks Trailer Park 474 N Arnaz St Ojai CA 93023
    Mira Valle Community 1202 Loma Dr Ojai CA 93023
    Ojai Oaks Mobile Home Park 950 Woodland Ave Ojai CA 93023
    Ojai Valley Estates 1975 Maricopa Hwy Ojai CA 93023
    Ojai Valley Mobile Estates 70 Baldwin Rd Ojai CA 93023

Camarillo Mobile Home Parks
    Camarillo Mobile Home Estates 1150 Ventura Blvd Camarillo CA 93010 - 55+ park. Rents 570+ Park manager:(805)482-0022.

    Camarillo Springs Mobile Home Village Camarillo CA 93011 - 55+ park -rents around $115+

    Casa Del Norte Mobile Home 4388 Central Ave Camarillo CA 93010
    Del Norte Mobile Home Community 4388 Central Ave. Camarillo CA 93010
    Lamplighter Camarillo MHP 3905 E. Pleaseant Valley Rd Camarillo CA 93012
    Lamplighter Mhp 202 Calle De La Rosa Camarillo CA 93010

Santa Paula Mobile Home Parks
    Anacapa Mobile Home Park 720 W Santa Maria St Santa Paula CA 93060
    Four Hundred Mobile Estates 400 Craig Dr Santa Paula CA 93060
    Oaks Mobile Estates 1500 Richmond Rd Santa Paula CA 93060
    Peppertree Trailer Park 135 N 13th St Santa Paula CA 93060
    Rancho Santa Paula Mobile Home Park Ltd 500 W Santa Maria St Santa Paula CA 93060 - 1 person 55+ - Space rent 350+

    Santa Paula West Mobile Home Park 265 S Beckwith Rd Santa Paula CA 93060 Family park - Space rent 480+ Income requirement 4 times housing costs plus $100.

    Temper Tree Santa Paula CA 93060

Fillmore Mobile Home Parks
    El Dorado Mobile Home Estat 250 E Telegraph Rd Fillmore CA 93015
    Fillmore West Trailer Park 1906 Old Telegraph Rd Fillmore CA 93015

Useful Mobile and Manufactured Homes Links
Mobile Home Residency Law

Office of Mobile Home Ombudsman

California Manufactured Housing Institute

California Mobile Home Resource and Action Association

HUD Manufactured Housing and Standards

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